Tassie Homes - Building Your Home

Tassie Homes are a Tasmanian owned and operated building company focused on your needs as the customer.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and have carefully selected skilled trades people who can deliver homes that meet our high expectations and yours.

Our reputation has been built on our personalised customer service, our exceptional range of inclusions and the resulting homes we handover to our valued clients.

We are members of the HIA and have built a team of experienced industry professionals, designers and project managers. You will work with only a few members of our team during your building process, so we can deliver continuity of service, accurate advice, and above all an enjoyable building experience.

With a range of plans as inspiration or an inhouse design service, we can customise a plan to suit your requirements and site conditions. Understanding that everyone has individual needs, our standard plans are just a starting point; offering layout suggestions and façade design ideas. We are happy to get creative with our plans or work with you and your concept sketches to design a home that is uniquely yours.

Our focus is on quality and aesthetically pleasing economical design. Our eye for detail throughout the stages of the build, allow us to build homes in shorter timeframes and guide you towards cost effective design choices; keeping you informed, on time and on budget.

Understanding the growing importance of energy efficient new homes, our well-insulated homes stay warm in winter and cool in summer; meeting the new standards required by Councils to lower our carbon footprint. At Tassie Homes, we embrace these changes and are continually developing new ways to improve our processes.

From all of us at Tassie Homes, we look forward to working with you on your building project.

With Tassie Homes, your future starts today!

The Design and Approval Process

Tassie Homes uses the following process when you are looking to build your home.

1. Initial Meeting
We sit down and discuss what type of home design will suit your lifestyle, block of land, and budget. We take this opportunity to show you our inclusions in detail.

2. Site Inspection
We visit your block of land to carry out an on-site inspection and provide any advice you may require as to building location and aspect.

3. Budget Estimate
Based on the proposed home design and inclusions discussed, we prepare aformal budget estimate.

4. Deposit & Letter of Engagement
Upon acceptance of the budget estimate, we require a deposit of $7,500.00 ($10,000 for multiple dwelling applications) and a signed Letter of Engagement (LOE) to proceed with the preparation of council-ready plans and the building approval process outlined below.

5. Site Survey, Soil Report & Preliminary Plans
Upon receiving the deposit and signed LOE, we engage the land surveyor to carry out a detailed site survey and the geotechnical consultant to prepare a qualified soil and wind classification. Armed with these reports the building designer can begin preparing the preliminary plans. We discuss final layouts and make any adjustments necessary prior to the approval of the preliminary plans.

6. Development Application (DA) Plans
The building designer prepares final DA plans for your approval, ready to lodge to council.

7. Energy Assessment & Other Necessary Reports 
Energy efficiency assessments are required in Australia to demonstrate compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC). In Tasmania a minimum rating of 6 stars is required. Other necessary reports specific to your property may be required for example, a bushfire hazard report, flood report, natural values assessment, etc.

8. Planning Approval
Once titles are issued, we can submit your development application to the relevant council. Occasionally the proposal is exempt and does not require planning approval.

9. Certified Engineer Plans
Once we have planning approval the building designer will prepare structural drawings, which are then sent to the engineer for certification.

10. Fixed Price Quote & HIA Contract
Based on the certified engineer plans we can prepare a fixed price quote and the HIA Contract.

11. Finance Approval
We require written confirmation of your loan approval, or finance, before commencing construction. We advise you to begin this process now so that we can commence construction when the final building and plumbing approvals are issued.

12. Certificate of Likely Compliance
In the meantime, we apply for the Certificate of Likely Compliance (CLC) from a building surveyor.

13. Specifications
At this stage, we will invite you to our display centre to make your new home selections both internally and externally. The document prepared is known as the Specifications. The project manager uses this as the basis for all orders required for construction.

14. Building and Plumbing Approval
Once the CLC is issued, we apply for final building and plumbing approvals from council.

15. Commence Construction
Once we have received final building and plumbing approvals and confirmation of your finance approval, your job is ready to commence construction. We prepare your file to hand over to one of our project managers, who will be your point of contact during the build.

16. Time Frame for Completion
A single-storey dwelling is 120 working days from commencing the building works. A double-storey dwelling is 140 working days from commencing the building works.